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Development Initiatives


District Administration has taken up a planned development of Mandu to substantially increase the tourists influx. In one single year with the mobilisation and careful deployment of over Rs. 15 million, the district administration has endeavoured to transform its journal of our heritage. The following works have been sanctioned from various funds available at the district level or funds for which sanctions have been obtained from the concerned State departments:

  • Sub-station : Electricity

    A sub -station at Mandu which will ensure uninterrupted power supply. This to be commissioned with in a couple of days.

  • Chappan Mahal :

    Antiquities-cum-tribal culture museum

    A museum or archaeological antiquies as well as tribal culture aetefact with a reference unit and arrangement for night lighting and audio visual arrangements at Chhapan Mahal Mandu, is being setup in consultation with the State Archaeological Department.

  • Ashmadha

    A fossil museum, railing around a huge horseshoe shape gorge, Kakrakhoh, has been developed. This gorge develops into a horseshoe shaped waterfall during monsoon and attracts many tourist at the ancient monuments at Mandu.

  • Roopayan Showroom: Arts Arcade

    A showroom for selling local handicrafts and other articles through the /district Supply and Marketing Agency is being set up.

  • Approaches to monuments

    Blacktopped approach roads are being constructed to main monuments which are today rarely visited because they are relatively inaccessible. Major monuments like Dariya Khan group of monuments, Chisti Khan Mahal, Lohani caves, Chhappan Mahal, Neelkanth Mahal, Dai ka Mahal and Saath Kothri are in the process of getting connected with monuments, Jaali Mahal is being conected through construction of steps leading up to this monument which is located on a hill.

  • Development of Sagar lake

    The principal lake around Mandu, Sagar Taal is being developed as a tourist attraction. The water impounding capacity of the lake has been increased by nealy 50% by raising the waste weir level, construction of a road, protection wall and a culvert for taking out the increased influx from the raised waste weir. Further, a boating point is being properly developed and shifted to the Muncipal lake. This garden which is also being developed alongwith a walkway constructed over the lake waters .

  • Accommodation

    Additonal accommodation has been created in various rest houses, night shelters and dharamshalas in Mandu by constructing new building or rennovating, repairring and properly equipping the existing delapidated and unutilised old buildings. Four new rest house rooms would be avilable. Five of the existing unutilised rooms would be made availble and three of tourist rooms allocated to municipal employees have again been made available for the tourists. Thus, 12 addtional well equipped rooms would be available for tourist accommodation. The existing accommodation is very limited compared to the demand and 20 extra rooms will add significantly to tourist accommodation.

  • Spardha Adventure Point

    An Adventure Point with facilities for trekking, rapling, biking, indoor Badminton, table tannis, pool, etc. is due to open shortly. Youth Hostel Association of India will assit in managing this.

  • Signboards

    Signages and boards giving information regarding monument history and necessary public information are being put up throughout Mandu.

  • Anti-encroachment drive

    An anti-encroachment drive was taken up and 41 monuments existing in Mandu were renovated.

  • Training of guides

    A training programme for guides was organised so that guides could give correct and authentic information to tourists.

  • Youth Hostel

    A plot of over one and a half hectares is being reserved for hostel to be constructed by Youth Hostel Association of India, at their request in the time to come. It is expected that they will construct cheap and suitable accommodation with at leat 50 rooms.

    It is proposed to take up further works like developing pavements, railing etc. in the main market place, construction of parking lots, construction of bank toped roads or approaches to remaining monuments, greeting of the entire area, cleaning up to Baodis, creation of a park near Chhappan Mahal in horticulture nursery premises as well as several other works shortly.


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